New review: the Defenders 28.09.2017

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“Two friends talk to each other. One says: “how was the film under popcorn?”, the second answered, “the popcorn was delicious…”

I don’t even remember when I watched this piece of cake project, although it seems like the month has passed. Judging from the evaluations on our website and on IMDb as critics — still very modest (somewhere closer to 8 points). In fact — it’s the weather that hurts not create, so you still need the project to be judged not by criteria but by the product itself. And honestly, after watching this, I will not mince words — outright slag — wondered why I wasted 8 hours of time, which is so lacking? To be honest are slowly returning to the reading, for at least to read at times — very helpful.

“The defenders” — has, from the first trailer, I knew what to get, what to get. When generally comes about Netflix, who does not ask is a guarantee of quality. Meanwhile, I, in addition to “Daredevil” — this line is not liked. I even the last series, didn’t watch: series is so boring, so not interesting and most importantly — stupid and stupid that even stupid “Famous Jessica Jones” (and then — thanks to David Tennant and his “Killgrave) — looks like a masterpiece. “Luke cage” — the first couple is not even bad started, but after 5 series of positions quickly handed back (if not for Mike Coulter would throw the series with the second series). I thought that fall below the “Knuckle” is nowhere, but apparently the economic benefits, those who are forged in the furnaces of this product is still picked up. What all does my verbal taratoa — it was all bad, though — it’s not CW. But seeing it from Marvel , to put it mildly — strange. So I will be very briefly presented and only. But in the beginning I say: if You’re a fan of Marvel and Netflix series, if you don’t want to spoil your mood of watching — then you can not read.

About the characters, I will say briefly, because the place is not enough. And what can I say about them? Judge for yourself: previously a steep DD — became something of a sniveling weakling, which is not rare, is possible and without it, tupil and pafosno drooling at the sight of his beloved (probably “not tolerate” past events). A. K. A Jessica — as expressed by many: how was “depressed drunk”, and left it (made a bit smarter), but most importantly — why needed here John. J., despite the fact that she is throughout the series, generally does not develop. As they say: “zero attention”. Then came Luke: always had the same role tree, once the hero of Haarlem (I think! Kind of here the batch is completely different). And look at this character, almost never kill of a character, compared to the other — it was very strange. But all this pales with Danny LCD — this frame has already said that this point will be omitted. In other matters, even on the LCD at times to watch it was very nice because the series has brought minor characters, and this here is a song.

Sigourney weaverapparently brought only to the PR company (it’s of course all bullshit, but too many actors and Actresses wind up going to Marvel, well, here it is clear why): a person is not interesting, not really disclosed, and in the end… actually such a shame I haven’t seen for a long time. The same applies to the rest of the Hand. Other characters, stupid appeared in the frame, except for some, but even the last… As they are now popular to say “nothing”.

And here they were together: each of the F4 didn’t fit in the situation just did. Especially when the whole “fantastic four” got together. The story is stupid, but personally, the plot holes, there’s plenty, to say nothing in bright mommy. The humor is almost completely shown in the trailers, irony no, sploshnyakom one animal seriousness, especially, she is applauded for Jessica (though like George. John. tried to laugh. But I couldn’t). I remember the series as a whole and apart from the episode at the bar (which, in other matters, was very stupid), I don’t remember any scene: the dialogue sucks, the fight dull, and not so much hurt, but the final was more like the worst batches in the same, forgive me Lord, CW. And — all together. Music — no, it would somehow brighten up a dull atmosphere. At the end, I have to rewind it sometimes to the absurd, boring dialogues, if only to at least fight to see, but as I said they are still “fun”. Well at least 8 episodes and not 13 as previously…

But again — the series is still doing real people, this is a blessing in disguise. Still this show is better than any CW (though not far away) and, especially, “Surikov”. The main dignity of the series: this is a play of colors — going from one character to another, creating the desired effect. Credit to the authors. Fight dull, but the first couple — they were really nothing to “pull.” Charisma of Mike Coulter and Charlie Cox , even stupid script will not spoil, so their scenes can still be called “normal.” Kristen Ritter is a normal life where her talent, I don’t know. But speaking about her character: I know — Canon and all that jazz, but show drinking (stupid) girl on the screen was a bad example to follow…

There is no need to sum up: after this series, I finally, decided not to touch the TV series of this genre, limited to feature films. And the series itself, even with star — full “emetic powder.” My assessment of the series:

3 out of 10

And if You for some reason missed this series — ignore these stupid clowns like me who pobazarit on the “Holy” — boldly we run to watch. And I’d add: something too many this year, “the defenders” came out…

New review: the Defenders 28.09.2017

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