New review: the Desire 30.09.2017

Revising the order of five to six hundred Korean films, I can confidently say in cruelty, surpass the Korean writers and Directors, it is not practically possible.

On the one hand it may seem that I’m talking about something disgusting and vile, because at the phrase “violence in film”, most people think about cruelty like in “Serbian movie” or “Saw”, but speaking of the Koreans- all the way…

As I have countless times said — Koreans, is removed in its own way, but to the audience they are trying to get through, not disdaining the “heavy” drugs.

One such product is the game on internal and deep feelings towards children after all — who pass by the crying baby?

That is exactly what makes Lee Joon-IK — takes, how much real history I do not know but it was real, what happened in South Korea when little With-out abused homeless, their actions causing severe injury to the child. The film tells about the life of the family, crippled girl, who is facing the most severe test, namely, to save their child and decide what to do with the offender, because the court is not so simple.

The film, despite its problematic story and the brutality of the situation, performed at the highest level, and I can safely call it — gorgeous!

Not every drama I had to pause the movie to move away from what he saw and to stop crying…

All the actors, from the little Li Er and her family, until Kim San-Ho, played at the highest level, to believe what is happening is simple.

One look at the poor With-out caused tears… and about the excellent robot makeup.

The music and cinematography complement the film, forcing a deeper insight into what is happening and harder to care about the characters.

Conclusion: one of the strongest dramas-thrillers from South Korea that I have ever watched, the higher the technical side; a movie that really force you to care about the characters.

PS: the film “Desire” is very close in content to the film “Secret sunshineMilyang” in 2007, which also makes the “feel” of the event.

New review: the Desire 30.09.2017

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