New review: the Destiny of man 09.06.2017

– The past — that’s how far the steppe in a haze. In the morning I walked on it, everything was clear around, and otahal twenty miles away, and now can not tell the forest from weeds, arable land from Travolta…

I’m not a fan of Soviet cinema, but some things in his time impressed me, and I sometimes reconsider. This is mainly gaydaevskie comedies and several war dramas. I’d like to say that this film will be reviewed by me many times, but unfortunately can’t.

In Soviet times, it was filmed a lot of movies about the war. What’s different about them, “Destiny of man”? Yes, nothing. As always shows the hard share of the person in time of war. Laying a burden on the soul stone loss. Further search of the meaning of life. It’s really very touching, especially if we remember that the novel Sholokhov on real events. But I have not found the film that extra something that would distinguish it from the rest.

A huge plus (I would even say plusiem) is cast and a game. It’s really a positive point (for me) left the film. Sergei Bondarchuk not only that orchestrated this work, and played a major role. And as played! Blended in a way so elegant, that certainly at the time squeezed out not one liter of tears from the audience. It’s really strong work it as an actor. Yes, in the Director’s plan did much above average.

Similar things should look or in a timely manner (when they go), either in childhood, when unable to make a strong impression. Yes, it’s very powerful and tragic story, but in our time does not produce the desired effect. Put an average rating because the film is very good. But, unfortunately, outdated in all senses.

5 out of 10

New review: the Destiny of man 09.06.2017

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