New review: the Devil’s arithmetic 30.07.2016

I read so many cool and negative reviews about this film and even became unpleasant. Personally, I liked the movie. Let’s start with the fact that the creators of this film (Dustin Hoffman and Mimi Rogers) said that this movie is for children, for new generations, so that the audience did not forget the horrors of war and the pure evil in the face of the Nazis to the viewer to remember what was the concentration camps and the horror of the Holocaust. For this purpose, the painting and removed. She might have historical flaws and a drop of naivete, but I think the movie was good, and attention it deserves.

We see the story of a young girl Hannah. While at the table her whole family of Jews recalled the horrors of the Holocaust and carried the memory of those who died at the hands of the Nazis and their relatives and friends, Hannah was far from it all and honestly she didn’t care. Jewish traditions for Easter have to open the door to the youngest member of the family. Hannah opens the door and enters to Poland in 1941…

A movie about the Holocaust, and with a touch of mysticism was original. After itself, it leaves a mark, and some scenes at the end to watch without tears is not possible. The film is touching and needed. I think that these pictures need to show the children in school to the horrors of war have not been forgotten and never be repeated again. I’m always sensitive about the Holocaust and genocide in General. Watch these movies and inhuman horrors of the Nazis very difficult. But these films need.

This movie was shot not for commercial purpose or glory, and in memory of the victims of the Holocaust and to new generations. I like this TV the picture was memorable and left a mark. On top of the actress played in the movie was great, so the movie looked with pleasure. Kirsten dunst I love since childhood. Once a little girl she loved me in the movie “Jumanji“, and I followed her career and watched all the movies with her participation. In this war drama, dunst played touching, and together with her character the viewer is an incredible story. On the sidelines it was nice to see Brittany Murphy (God rest her soul, was a lovely actress and star of the film for all seasons “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nestLouise Fletcher. That is the final scene of the conversation between the characters of Kirsten dunst and Louise Fletcher was dusherazdirayusche and and wanted to cry.

Devil’s arithmetic“is an American television military drama with a touch of fantasy 1999. The film is not a masterpiece, and it can be deeper and bigger to shoot, but not a flop movie. The picture has its value, and I treat it positively. These films need and carry with them something very important that cannot be forgotten. Thank you for your attention.

7.5 out of 10

New review: the Devil’s arithmetic 30.07.2016

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