New review: the Door 28.09.2017

Anna Saul clearly hit the target of harsh cinematography, which is covered by a veil of gray skies, dirty green shades and the potential to live a life away from the bright scenes of melodrama, but close to mysticism.

In the beginning of the movie I remembered a quote from another famous painting: “All things are possible until a choice has been made”. The protagonist of “the Doors”, David makes a choice and misses, having exchanged the life of a little daughter in passionate moments with a lover. A series of moments, coincidences, after which it takes five years, every day of which man lives, not thinking about his daughter. “What are you waiting for, dad?” — in unison with turning a phrase her daughter’s voice, David is looking out of daily life, which, by coincidence, leads him to “the flywheel of time.”

In the story the hero is given a chance to survive past five years over again, without losing the memories of the already experienced one day in the future. It is a powerful weapon against the errors of the past. Mads Mikkelson perfectly played his character and his DoppelgangeR This role can be considered a prerequisite to “Hannibal”. The Mads (I know he’s a Mess) easily given roles where there is a duel nature: to himself he is harsh and cruel with bloody hands, and with friends he is soft and gives the impression of a good man.

It’s funny how different can be one and the same person. It turns out that any character is malleable, and having lost a close person and you can do to radically change their views on unconscionable things against the family. Operates the oldest rule will not begin to appreciate until you lose it. And when you lose and start to change the situation of the past, though mysteriously, will lose even more, this is what we learn from the movie.

The tape is dominated by large images, but not traced individual style of the Director. Location is a big part of the tape is not changed, the impression of running around in a confined space. Even the mistress lives next door. Perhaps the abundance of dirt could be an allegory, the echoes of a past life, wherever you’re hiding, the past is always with you. But I really don’t know if there were any inherent morality in the film. Are there some pitfalls. I would suggest that for the staff nothing behind it, and directed on the reverse side of the fragments of thought — of course, besides the idea to leave the ending open.

The viewer is left alone with the credits, which remained a “world returnees”. Great to live with the knowledge of the future, being a new person — another thing, if in a past life had something, a great chance to lose it.

8 out of 10

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New review: the Door 28.09.2017

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