New review: the door Closed 30.07.2016

The plot is unassuming, but the movie is interesting the year of its establishment. 1929.

A rare movie where you can see the actual inimitable style of 20-ies. Almost documentary.

So, the opening credits flashed black and white letters to classical music… And then comes the immersion in the era of the Charleston, prohibition and female sleek hairstyles.

The representative of the Golden youth invited the Secretary to his father for a party on a yacht and exquisitely tries to seduce her. But he is constantly in the way. The waiter the eggs in quarters brings, oysters, champagne…. But finally, there is the opportunity to close the door…. Naive Secretary unsuccessfully pleads to let her go… And suddenly a RAID. SWAT team boat is aboard of the yacht… the Dry law in action. Funny shots as a bartender in a hurry throws the pile of bottles overboard…

So, to seduce an innocent girl failed… But after 1.5 years the couple again found. However, the girl is already married to someone else… And playboy is the same playboy… Quite hypocritical mores of the time make the main character fear that her husband finds out about the old adventure…

But now ladies ‘ man has eyes for stupid sister her husband… What else remains to do a decent married woman, but to go to the diabolical satire home to prevent abuse young sister-in-law … And then suddenly comes to her husband on the same issue… the Main character hiding behind a closed door (again) and then the events start to develop unpredictable …

Barbara Stanwyck often played the roles of women, sacrificing everything for the man she loved. I guess the baton of self-sacrifice and went with this film.

The film would be suitable name — trapped behind a locked door.

PS When watching movies 20-30 years always surprised by the difference in the degree of dress for men and women. The woman low — light dress with a sweetheart neckline, exposing her bare arms and legs. And the man opposite — a complete outfit: a tight suit with a shirt and vest. And weather conditions the same for both… As one is not hot and the other cold….

New review: the door Closed 30.07.2016

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