New review: the Echo 30.07.2017

This phrase easily could be the slogan for this film. The story, which would be mixed so much, I haven’t seen, probably never. The film is a lot of information that is given at all times, and you think “Yes, it’s worth remembering this could be important.” But in the end what you remember is not clear at all because most of the “important events” are referred to in the film only once. I sincerely do not understand why stretch the heads of the audience, if this is not made anything.

This, perhaps, is the main minus of the film. After watching there is a lot of questions to the creators. In my version, the film was originally planned as a super twisted Thriller, but in the end the writers just couldn’t connect all the threads into one, and eventually left the Central main line, and all leading to her strings cut right in the middle. Immediately immediately reminded of a popular childhood phrase “don’t need to build a bike.”

Pros their I put for the atmosphere, which is transferred, in the spirit of the floor of the gloomy detective, and the cast. Complaints neither to the one nor to the fact I have not. The finale of this picture is hard to call unexpected or expected. He’s just weird. And probably in a negative way than positive.

Verdict: If you like movies, after which you don’t need to think out anything and everything should stay clear — you are not here. Half of the story, you’ll have to come up with in my head, because the writers did not do this for you.

6 out of 10

New review: the Echo 30.07.2017

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