New review: the Eternal battle 17.06.2017

If you are going to watch this movie, first and foremost, try not to pay attention to the pathos of the message that permeates this movie from head to toe, that only Americans are capable of saving our world from any danger, or can it not even turn on. However, this time the writers to help them gave the Chinese and the Hispanics, so it is not alone them such a difficult thing to do necessary. Bad, of course, that the Russian on the other side, but this is so common that you can even not pay attention — in the end, it’s still fantasy, even chose a field of existence not some world of D&D and our own. The more that your humble author drew attention to one very curious detail, a kind of self-irony — the main antagonist himself a native of the United States. One is forced to remember the immortal words of a classic, which can be very useful here — “I gave birth to you…”.

In the family of media Mogul Daniel Alexander was a misfortune — died in childbirth of his beloved wife. Particularly upset about the death of the mother the eldest son of the stone, so much that he hated his younger brother, and all the other people at the same time. On from the film began to hang around the ears Omena, doorcases to the fact that the stone grew and began to command all who popadja. Well, the quest for world domination we all know what it leads to, so there was nothing for anyone to allow himself to dwell. Although it is curious to see a villain of such magnitude — Yes, at least because the writers were not exchanged in the image not of a General or a preacher, and a successful policy, though here the question remains — how is this managed everyone head to mess with?

Such — here is the image address. Whether the Director something namudrili with the teams, whether Michael York too literally embraced the uniqueness of his character, but he played decently. Looking at him it was hard to imagine that these pretentious speech — that the audience, alone with myself — pushing adequate person — or, in this case, it is not the person whose opinion is all its ears listened and listened open-mouthed. Soon comes the Association with crazy — it is less than pathos and there was no need to shout, you know that you can much better, so why overdo it? But the artists of his role at a younger age was just nadogradi and it is here that I do not even know that in this case worse. I guess too much is better than a shortage, different shortfalls we’ve seen that tired.

Younger brother stone, played a other Michael bien so even to some extent, it was fun to watch on-screen confrontation between the two namesakes. Well, one of the characters gains the upper hand it becomes clear to all genres would look, but the game bien looked much nicer. David, as if in contrast to the flamboyant older brother, cold-blooded and looks like a leader, after which into the fire and into the water to go not scared. Of course, apparently knowing full well that the project to which it has brought, the extra points yourself for a career not to make money, however moonlight does not allow.

What can be said about other involved persons. Played quite average, but for such a film and strain is not particularly worth it. Except that you can select Udo Kira, but it is possible that the background is constantly nearby York for his coldness just looked profitable. By becoming the game most of the actors and special effects — we’re still fantasy — more approaching to any computer game — sure, a discount on their year to be given, and the budget did not allow to turn on fully, but they were still quite clumsy, released a year Morrowind graphics and then places it looks better.

For most part of the movie your humble author could not decide their attitude to him. On the one hand already hackneyed American pathos and General delusional of all things happening on the screen, but on the other he was fascinated and was wondering what would happen next. It would seem, should have been gray, but toward the end began such a sight, that cannot be describe in any words — it had to be seen. The degree of pathos and delusional skyrocketed and everything became so stupid, what is bad, which is beginning to look like a good. That’s what from the beginning had to be up at silly-pretentious trash, but it is better to understand it late than never. And for this, measured at the corresponding scale

7 out of 10

And in what American film will see how brave American soldiers are fleeing from the advancing on their position of the Russian army?

New review: the Eternal battle 17.06.2017

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