New review: the Experiment of ‘the Office’ 15.06.2017

Very solid Thriller, the script of which was written by James Gunn (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), dragged out of the Custody of two actors, which I was thrilled)

Another experiment on human nature and survival instinct.

Similar stories we’ve seen absolutely nothing new. In the harsh conditions of the whole human essence climbs out.

But! Despite the irony, a huge number of unpleasant scenes and predictability, the film keeps the tension until the very end.

Distracted or think about something else, besides the plot, I failed.

Among the actors enough friends. And they are all perfectly coped with the task, causing certain emotions in the viewer.

For the humor in the film, said Sean Gunn, loved me in “Guardians”. He did it perfectly turned out. Understand what is happening on the screen is not conducive to fun, but still can’t hold back the laughter.

Albeit exaggerated, may ironically, let the predictable, albeit with inappropriate sound… but I got pleasure from watching, if you can call it that.

If you can’t handle bloody scenes, do not watch.

7 out of 10

New review: the Experiment of ‘the Office’ 15.06.2017

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