New review: the Experiment of ‘the Office’ 25.06.2017

The Director of this film is Greg McLean.

That reminded us the word “office”? And when the phrase “office hell”? The same thing, isn’t it? The same thing we see in the film. Office plankton. No one knows the name of each other. Each trying to make himself look better in front of an invisible boss. Everyone gobbled up his superiority; he and stupidity, there are similarities. Even at the critical moment we see how seemingly decent people wanted to spit on the “colleagues”.

Every minute the picture is becoming tougher and tougher. Breaks there is but slight. Good news is that the creators don’t put us philosophical thoughts. Fun to watch the transformation of respectable people in cold-blooded (this word is very important) killers. And the scene consistent mass execution without resistance is a real small masterpiece.

Actors. First and foremost I want to mention Tony Goldwyn. It just perfectly fit into the image of the vicious killer. Can also praise Steve Gallagher Jr. and John C. McGinley. Others played well, clearly the weakest work I have ever seen.

“Experiment „Office“” is a great horror movie. Not in vain I spent so long waiting for him.

8.5 out of 10

New review: the Experiment of ‘the Office’ 25.06.2017

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