New review: the Family Fang 27.07.2016

It is strange that no reviews of the movie. So mine will be first.

Just note the terrible translation and totally inappropriate voices for the characters. It is a failure. After listening to them for about 15 minutes, I want to turn off the movie and forget about it. BUT! Should give him a chance.

The film is a story with a beginning, but no end. Initially, it seems that it’s about love of parents and their desire to “push” their children from the hassles of everyday life into something bigger and bright. Give them the opportunity to see the world differently, take it to others. To Create Art!

But for me, this film became an example of absolute selfishness of the parents. With excuses, but without forgiveness. This often happens in our lives. And this story is an excellent illustration.

Drama — of course. But not a tragedy at all.

Nicole Kidman beautiful and well done! Anyway, the cast is excellent. Everything in its place.

If you soak the first hour, then certainly get to the finals.

New review: the Family Fang 27.07.2016

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