New review: the Fatal temptation 27.07.2017


Men are strong in open combat, and women in the guerrilla war.


A handsome young man, wounded, falls to the women’s boarding house, where lives a group of women in amount of 7 persons. Women on the grounds of age can be called, of course, not all, but the classic skills competition and confrontation have all. And it shows incredibly well!

You could say, presented quite a range as the women’s steps in the desire to please and seduce. And this from the behavior of the sincere and guileless simpleton, to the sophisticated and sophisticated strong woman. And the ability to protect ourselves from the threat of fallen into the madness of men.

The man, played by the beautiful Colin Farrell, presents a very narrow-minded man. Which, as some men known to me, I think that he uh-Oh-gay (in the best sense of the word), and generally controls the situation. But it turns out that the woman he is needed only as a symbol confirming her sexiness and adds status.

And once it loses its status as the symbol of attraction in this environment women, it quite gracefully and ruthlessly disposed of.

The film is very slow and filled with beautiful frames that I admire throughout the film.

Farrell is perfect in the role of a narcissistic fool who can’t predict consequences of their actions.

Kirsten dunst has never been so convincing in their ugliness, and Kidman is not hysteria, and really makes the decisions.

If you have any encyclopedias, predstavlennoi in the trailer, then there is no such.

More movie will appeal to fans of Norwegian detectives and horror.

Well, quite a lot of absurdly funny moments.


If a woman has big Boobs, and the other is small, you forgive, man by nature will choose the one that will give first.

New review: the Fatal temptation 27.07.2017

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