New review: the Fatal temptation 29.07.2017

History has repeatedly shown that human nature is unpredictable. We may come up with rules, laws, regulations, but, being in a critical situation, in a person Wake up the animal instincts that could lead to unintended consequences. In such a difficult situation were the main characters and suspenseful psychological drama by Sofia Coppola “Fatal temptation”.

Synopsis 1864. While civil war rages, a few female pupils of the Board, lost in the Virginia woods, trying to live a normal life. But one day their peace is suddenly disturbed by the appearance of wounded Yankees, which they decide to hide from the Confederate army. From this moment on quiet mansion sinks into the abyss of passions and fatal temptations that will forever change the lives of its inhabitants.

In General, in terms of acting the film made a positive impression. However, if I and said, so is Nicole Kidman and Kirsten dunst. Kidman played the role of landlady, miss Martha, for which this Board is not just a job, and all of life, which she will defend to the last, stepping over all moral principles. Dunst played the role of Edwina, a young teacher who clearly has been living in this place that wants to run away from him as possible and preferably to run to the arms of the man she loved.

Undoubtedly, Sofia Coppola is a talented Director, although in recent work, I brought in these unknown wilds of the film that the average viewer is unlikely to understand the meaning of her films. Thus, the “Fatal temptation”, a remake of the film in 1971, represents the purest psychological drama, which reveals the theme of lust and jealousy. Coppola shows the routine boring life of several women who are forced to live in each other’s company, but their quiet is disturbed by a young man, which leads each of the ladies. The tension in the film increases, as in the action-Thriller. However, instead of filling the atmosphere of slight madness, Coppola turns the movie into a standard melodrama with a “tragic” ending.

The main problem lies in the scenario of the film, for the most part in the film nothing happens. At the beginning of the film, the audience sees one of the girls Guesthouse is in the forest soldier-the Yankees and leads him to the mansion, the hostess of which, miss Martha decides to leave him until he recovered. Of course, this makes your disorder in a quiet and measured life of the inmates of the guest house, as each one tries to please the beautiful young man. Here you expect to see a real Thriller on the theme of feminism, but the trailer led my expectations astray. The whole story turns into the most ordinary household demolition, caused by mutual misunderstanding, in which the heroine decided to act according to the principle of “not my will — not be anyone’s”.

Summary After watching “Fatal temptation” I have the same feeling as after watching the recent work of Coppola “Elite society”, i.e. it was not clear what you just saw. You expect to see a subtle psychological Thriller, which develops into something real scary. However, as the film really just started and just ended: no special meaning or message. Therefore, I can confidently say that this film is not for the average viewer.

7 out of 10

New review: the Fatal temptation 29.07.2017

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