New review: the Fatal temptation 29.07.2017

Sofia Coppola has always made films for the soul. Her light paintings it is impossible not to know, to talk about their awareness of it forever. But we are here write reviews about the movies, not the Directors, and therefore objectively assess what I see.

So, what do we have? Intriguing trailer, hinting at the grim denouement. The duplicity of the characters — don’t rush to conclusions, wait, look, listen… No, not sleep!

And because sleep is exactly what I wanted while watching the movie. It would seem that all characteristics of the pen Sofia Coppola has soft pastel colors, photography of trees, sun rays, slow camera movement, barely illuminated frame. But, alas, worthy of attention can only be called the body of Colin Farrell, at least, while he was sleeping and did not try to play naive.

In General, the film is really lightweight, it has no meaning, no intrigues, nothing above what would be possible here to speculate. On the one hand, this is understandable — in this case, I bet that was the point Coppola is to show you how easily and simply relate to what is happening to the characters of her film. But even such heroes (or anti-heroes?) should be the motivation and capacity of the internal world. In fact, there is no logic in their actions.

It’s hard to say why the movie is bad. Perhaps, there is some thought or some feeling that I have been able to trace, despite the fact that until recently I believed in the skill of the Director of “the Virgin suicides” and “lost in translation”. No, it could not expect a deep truth of life. The meaning of her films is always on the surface, to be precise — is much higher. Barely grab onto, as he will fly away. That’s the meaning of this film from me “flew off” before I managed to hold on.

One of the positive features of the film — the beautiful scenery, the atmosphere and the outfits the characters, and their game in General, complaints resulted. The plot, of course, gorgeous, sorry, on the screen it is not noticeable.

New review: the Fatal temptation 29.07.2017

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