New review: the Fatal temptation 29.07.2017

If the creation of Sofia Coppola could be opredelit, it would be the antique sofa with upholstery in fine flower. In addition to the emphasis on such furniture, finesse style of the Director in “Fatal temptation”, the younger brother of the film adaptation of “the Deceived”, 1971, reflected in the use of various filters blue-violet palette, giving the atmosphere of mystery and lends a moist and sweet like women’s perfume, air.

The main advantages of the picture are hidden in its amazing scenic beauty — the viewer is invited to admire the mystical landscapes of the southern States with thickets of Spanish moss and pleasing to the eye the first plans, reminiscent of fine portraits by Gainsborough.

As in the play on the small stage, everything happens in one place — pension, with the audience in this small group of players. And although the margin and so clearly in the direction of female characters, the sense of presence of another heroine of the war, the Director skillfully creates due to a distant cannon shots and watercolor divorce of black smoke into the sunset sky. Support the hero Colin Farrell has an unexpected male character in the face of the garden, and simply enjoy the interaction of these two much nicer than trying to figure out what happens to all the characters in their heads.

Coppola checks the material on strict compliance with its rhythmic design. The picture is clearly divided identical shots with the mansion in the morning and evening. Compared to a picture with Clint Eastwood’s 1971 film Coppola has logic and consistency, the characters are drawn clearly in the emotional plan, though their motives remain unclear. The viewer of the remake, at least, less often is in a state of confusion.

Will honestly admit that the intriguing story of the Civil war in the United States holds the viewer in front of the screen is just barely visible at the finish of a desirable outcome. But if I had brushes and paint, no canvas painting will not work. Too ambiguous action heroes like in the original painting, this colorful remake, dilute the entire experience, leaving only his footprints.

New review: the Fatal temptation 29.07.2017

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