New review: the Fatal temptation 30.06.2017

All have long known that nature (in most cases) rests on the children, grandchildren and other younger relatives. Examples? Ivan Shakhnazarov, or Pasha tobacco vskidku. That is, if we have. But in the States it Willow Smith, Eastwood Junior or Sonia Coppola. The guys are lucky to be born in a good family, and their whims become enabling… And here’s little Sophie appeared on money movies.

Before us is a classic film about anything.

It would seem, is a fertile topic — the civil war in the United States. If you take movies about our civil, there really is a lot — and the clash of brother against brother, and path selection, and the tragedy… So that here, too, was where to turn and what to tell. But alas!

Promising tie with wounded soldiers northerners entering the finishing school in enemy territory. And about the war to us all this time is like fire, which in fact was given only a couple of times in the beginning of the film, a small convoy of prisoners, patrol the southerners and all. And looking at the balcony of one of the pupils has no suspense, but rather disgusted from its frequency. And more to say, he blatantly borrowed from “Gone with the wind”. Only there it was really dramatic, and doesn’t work here.

Back to the action: the northerner is juvenile Lapwings and their two teachers. And they didn’t know what to do with it: to kill, to take his or to regret. The characters reveal bad. Motivation and logic is unclear. By the middle of the film there seems to be a kind of harmony, but then everything collapses in the Bud! Somehow it all feminine. Rather feminine! One thing after another and you will not understand what is happening.

Nicole Kidman looks surprisingly good, although the wrinkles on the neck can not hide! Kirsten dunst looks like she’s 60! Really horrible! So thought? Specially up? Colin Farel really anything worthwhile and not played.

And do not understand the morality of this film. The women evil? Femenizm? What? Why? Why?

And because this “masterpiece” gave the palm for best Director! Seriously? No, of course she can there and professional, but nothing outstanding, no! Absolutely.

And for me, the morality is that the children of geniuses not to go into the profession of parents (or older siblings)! Absolutely!

And Yes — once again proved the “fairness” of different kinds of awards.

New review: the Fatal temptation 30.06.2017

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