New review: the Fatal temptation 30.07.2017

Fatal temptation” leaves behind a strange and incomprehensible feeling of incompleteness, of nedorabotannost and explicit prescritti. However, to understand the essence of the problem of the film is easy if you pay attention to the original of 1971. In comparison out to the surface those parts over which the tape Sofia Coppola looks pretty weird.

The daughter of the legendary Francis Ford Coppola has chosen as his new work a remake of the film “Deceived,don Siegel. But it is clear that Sophia didn’t want to do frame-by-frame perennate fabric with Clint Eastwood. Putting aside the details of the plot, she paid more attention to visual style, for which, justifiably, received the Best Director award in Cannes. However, it is these little details and not enough tape to allow all arising from audience questions.

Images and motives of the main characters in the new reading has suffered badly because of what a picture that must have been from a relaxed tempo to go to the intense action, looks weird and uneven nerazdelennaya. The main victims of corporal Macburnie is now performed by no less charismatic Colin Farrell. In the original, the viewer immediately understood what kind of person corporal, saw how he easily plays with the feelings of those around him girls, misleading them and taking care of yourself first, and also how easily he falls into drunkenness this game, from what motives, the transition from a relaxed state to a much more unequal looked meaningful and smooth. Hero Farrell here creates the impression of a man of strange and not what he had in front of us to seem. The inhabitants of the school have suffered in similar terms. Mrs. Coppola was deprived of the motivation of his characters ‘ actions and does not reveal their images, removing the original dialogues, but not replacing them with anything. And most importantly: Sofia removes plot points, details in the disclosure of the characters, but exactly what not try and replace anything. And let at some points the tape looks more interesting pictures in 1971, but in General the result is lost of motivation, the viewer gets more, of course, beautiful shots of nature and the environment, but at the same time and receives a share of questions, answers to which, alas, will not succeed.

To say that “Fatal temptation“is another bad remake is impossible. One thing it clearly outperforms its predecessor: the picture of Coppola came out much nicer than Siegel. Stylish, precise staging gives the tape a distinct color. However, besides shade and decent actors to give the tape something new in fact nothing. Yes, and the actors have largely just to admire, because their heroes swept away understanding much more than interested. “Deceived” 1971 looks the same in this respect much better: Eastwood and colleagues have something to play, pace of delivery and the story itself is quite entertaining. And yet the beautiful setting Coppola makes you think about what it would have been much better. Sofia is doing a remake as much as possible and close approximate to the original, to combine all positive sides of the two tapes. Yes, that’s possible to criticize Coppola for what she is doing so did not want to? And would such a remake? Unlikely. The content remains the same, but just looks so entertaining. It is a pity that in the end a new wrapper could not accommodate the required stuffing a potentially delicious candy, which just leaves behind a very strange and not too friendly finish.

New review: the Fatal temptation 30.07.2017

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