New review: the Fatal temptation 30.09.2017

A new creation from a beautiful girl and talented Director Sofia Coppola. The picture of the “Fatal temptation” won the Kansk festival in the category “Best Director” that no one was in doubt, because Sophia is already repeatedly proved all his real skill and ability with their own style and some feature, thanks to which all of her paintings evoke only loud applause and positive comments from the world of film critics. So I must say that her new movie is also unique and interesting in their own way. Of course, a massive audience, the picture seems a bit boring and absolutely not interesting, though the flaws in my opinion, of course, available, but more on that later.

The plot in the closed boarding house for girls appears wounded soldiers who by his appearance as if in one fell swoop brought to mind all the young virgins. Girls seemed to have lost the head and began to show to a stranger’s unwanted attention, which at first didn’t promise.

Of course, I as a viewer, it was interesting to watch the development of the storyline, although I’m sure any experienced moviegoer can easily figure the ending of the movie, but it’s not how much all the way through, because the bright images of girls heroines do attract attention. Sofia Coppola once again successful and well-selected actors for his film, and there’s not even in the names of Hollywood stars and important the essence of the images of the main characters. All bright and solid, exciting and wonderful. Great caste highlights a particular success of the film that already can not but rejoice. But as for the story, then, of course, not all happily. An hour and a half of events which almost all occur in a confined space, some pressure on the audience’s brain. A large part of the scenes are in the twilight and dark hours, and daylight is filled with fog and dense trees closed. Constant dullness and monotony of the scenes can cause some discomfort and hostility when viewed, because a mass audience, this aspect is not very pleasant. The film completely lacks a sense of warmth and harmony. In the frame we feel a nasty cold, alone, distant fear and a frightening silence. Of course, the acting was done perfectly. The actors looked good and the topic. Personally, I think that the timing of the picture could be slightly shortened to the visual impressions, but overall a film you can watch, although he’s probably more intended only for fans of the wonderful Sofia Coppola.

Pleasant viewing.

New review: the Fatal temptation 30.09.2017

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