New review: the Father shore 29.09.2017

I don’t like to write reviews. Writing for the first time. Not many TV shows that I wanted to watch immediately, regardless of a shortage of time. With difficulty, but inspected. Overall certainly not bad. With many things written here I agree, with both criticism and laudatory reviews. Great acting still covers an infinite neskladuhi. The moral of the film is clear, but the morality of obvious imbalances.

But that was just vybeshivaet throughout the series and forced to write a review is shown what gusto the mud and lust of the relationship. What is the obsession with the Director of the film, in the face of obvious problems in this matter.

It is evident that the Director can work fine, but apparently the passion haunt and as a result, a great dragged through the mud. How not laundered the last series of the film, the remaining residue contamination.

Well, the cigarettes in each frame is also overkill.

And yet — thanks! At least for trying to shoot a good movie.

New review: the Father shore 29.09.2017

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