New review: the Fifth seal 13.06.2017

A film based on the novel by Ferenc Shanti, events that takes place during the arrow cross terror in Hungary in the autumn of 1944. The main story begins with one, suddenly given characters, moral dilemmas, and, as it happens, draughty through the entire duration of the picture. And that affects the development keeps in suspense, but the story is not limited to obsasyvanie one of preset themes, — smoothly flowing from scene to scene, it reveals to us the fate of the characters.

The picture is very bold and straightforward (from the standpoint of the truth, of course).

So amazing that the film generally released in the Soviet Union with such claims! (especially juicy scenes and a dramatic replica of course was done). Surprisingly, the dubbing is so dark tape took Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”! And… surprisingly, that the film ripped off a lot of prestigious awards!

Most expressive in this story, the magic, in my opinion, is the gradual immersion of the viewer into the dark atmosphere of the picture. It’s like you sit down for this one, lit by a single light bulb, a table. First, as an ordinary observer, of course… But the questions are so relevant to each person, trying to give myself a definition in this world that sooner or later, while watching, you’ll know what to answer them and you’ll have.

You experience all that is going through each character. You look at each.

In the “Fifth seal” does not sit all the action at the table (all of a sudden you’re thinking), no. On the contrary — the film is, surprisingly, very voluminous. He made me believe the night hungry, repressed by nilsestuen city, made his way to the bone.

From Frank:

@ Of course the film “the Seventh Seal” (1957) of Ingmar Bergman, a common theme of human self-determination.

@ To what extent the film of Michael Haneke, “Funny games” (2007)

@ ‘s “crime and Punishment” by F. Dostoevsky.

@ Film, not only for its oppressive atmosphere, but also part of its “irreversibility”, immediately evokes George Orwell — “1984”.

Thank you!

9 out of 10

New review: the Fifth seal 13.06.2017

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