New review: the Ghosts 04.10.2017

Once Max was a respected physicist, but became obsessed with the conspiracy, was ignominiously expelled from the University, and now works as a salesman in a bookshop, where scare away customers with stories about what the world has long been ruled by aliens.

And at the other end of the city sits pants for the posts of security guard shopping center thick African American Leroy, whose brilliant career COP, too long since ended.

Unexpectedly for themselves, this couple will get to serve in a top secret organization that studies the paranormal.

So begins a new Comedy series from FOX. The main thing here is the word “Comedy”. The project was conceived as a parody of the TV subculture of “serious films about the unknown”. Pioneers then, of course, was the x-files. Few people now remember that the premiere of this series by a huge advertising campaign involving news from nowhere scientists, declaring that “absolutely everything shown in the series — is the Holy truth”. Some who still believe in it, by the way.

But to make fun of the conspiracy theories and movies about secret laboratories, where you’re hiding flying saucers — a difficult task. The series demonstrates. It is not the most fertile material for humor, so the jokes in the series, say, leave much to be desired. Like you know, that supposed to be funny, but giggle as it does not break.

The difficulty is the object of ridicule. Over what or whom to laugh? Over those who believe in aliens? But the series is just trying to convince us of their existence. To mock those who deny extraterrestrials? Such humor is hard to relate to the reality in which we still have not received evidence of the existence of other worlds.

When the heroes are in the office-secret service, the film 10 times in 5 minutes manage to beat the same joke:

You are in a very secret place. And we don’t say, what are you doing here. Ah, whatever. Anyway, you already got it. Yes, we catch aliens. But the more we do not say… but, okay, whatever. Ask questions. Now, tell him everything.

Therefore, the main advantage of the series — the characters themselves. They drag the bulk of the comic load. It turns out that for many years wanted to meet an alien civilization Max, in reality, not ready for such an event. When he personally will see little green men, it would be for him a nervous breakdown. Leroy, I am sure that everything that happens to him is a joke, and he was in the show “Hidden camera”.

In General, the feeling from watching the first series that manages in 20 minutes to beat all the cliches inherent in the “paranormal” films, and therefore, it is not clear what to show next.

Perhaps they will mock the individual genres (parody horror, Thriller) or specific films (from “Alien” to Spielberg’s “Men in black”). This, incidentally, would have been a smart option.

Personally the author of these lines was the feeling that we showed just a little tight sketch from a Comedy show. It’s still hard to imagine this story as a full series.

Otherwise, it is worth noting a decent budget and good special effects.

5 out of 10

New review: the Ghosts 04.10.2017

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