New review: the Ghosts of Ismael 26.06.2017

“The ghosts of Ismael” has opened 70 Cannes film festival and was included in the competition program of the Moscow festival 39. after watching the Moscow audience applauded. Was it for what?

I personally after viewing thought that I something do not understand, came home, started to read a few reviews, and it turned out that I saw it even more hidden meanings than it really is.

“The ghosts of Ismael” is the story of a slightly crazy Director, which from all sides attacked the fruits of his imagination: the missing 21 years ago a girl played by Marion Cotillard, an imaginary brother, the diplomat-spy in the manner of Louis Garel. The only appropriate character can be called his real girlfriend, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg, and she’s not all right, she’s an astrophysicist-an introvert, if that.

Funny to see how truth and fiction are mixed into a single batter, form the Universe of the main character. Transitions are not always consistent, but the cast deserves praise.

Another my observation is that all the characters in the first place, serve as a means to unlocking the image of the main character, constantly finding himself in the past. the present and the imaginary. Inner peace is a fragile thing, and peace of mind even more so. And as soon as things calming down, the ghosts of the NARS and to intervene and confuse things beyond recognition.

For acting and visual components for 9, for integrity and ideological components to 6. In the end, a strong 7

7 out of 10

New review: the Ghosts of Ismael 26.06.2017

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