New review: the Giant mechanical man 30.07.2016

Description of the film is disappointing — “It’s a film about two social outcasts”. The word “rogue” is too negative and does not fit the characters in the film. Yes, they are not in a format that can be outcasts, losers, but not outcasts. Most worryingly, this line is probably pushed away from the view of many people — which is a pity — the movie is clearly worth it to see it.

There are the movies refreshing as strong coffee; there’s knocking down like a punch in the stomach; some swam, in the pool with colorful fish. Films of this type — it is as cosy Slippers. Of course, this is a fairy tale with a modern twist. The tale of the unfortunate people, abandoned in this crazy world and looking for their place in it. Very good and bright tale.

“We mindlessly live our lives like robots and feel lost. You are not crazy — that’s life crazy.” says Tim at the TV Studio. Most of the people in the Studio and the TV did not understand what it is about them — they are so mechanical live your life that really have become robots. To see the real picture of the world we must move away from running to stop and look around — but this is what fears most of us — can lose the skills, you can be late (not clear where, but it’s scary) and what do you think? We instituted mechanisms for running the wrong setup, including their own, follow them mindlessly. So goes our life.

The people have the opinion that good people can be a simple and pleasant life. The first and main trouble of the main characters of this film, misunderstandings, and if Tim’s had this problem, but rather external, Janice existential problem and the internal properties — she knows what she wants.

According to the postulate of Sartre we are condemned to freedom. We would emerge from the void and create our own rules by which we live. However, Fromm added that most are afraid of freedom like the plague — it’s too dangerous, preferring her escape in a warm and cozy slavery, which, over time, so distorts our human nature that we fall to the role of objects, things, scenery trying to play roles that are taken already.

This film only refers to this problem easy strokes. He’s not digging deep, but creates a very cozy, intimate atmosphere. Failures do not cause the tragedy, neither the characters nor the audience — it’s just another event, and they will pass. Sweet and naive, Janice; a bit strange, idealistic, but bending the line of his “Sisyphean labor” Tim — they must find each other to find themselves. Tales of this kind are forced to think about many things, and believe a good outcome is not just possible it is inevitable.

Very poravilos how did the role of Chris Messina. Without strain, but with depth, nothing more. He’s good in the frame — seen professional work done with the soul. Jenna Fischer liked less, but it did a solid four (Director — husband after all).

The film has a very pleasant atmosphere — watch it and relax, though it is not an entertaining movie in every sense of the word. Rather it is “recreation” and a small head.

Watch this sweet tale for adults you can even the whole family, at least in a couple with your loved one, at least alone, she relaxes and energizes a pleasant confidence, that however bad it gets, things will get better and be okay.

I recommend to all.

9 out of 10

New review: the Giant mechanical man 30.07.2016

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