New review: the Girl and the Bear 30.07.2016

Brilliant! Great! Inimitable!

Beautiful, soulful cartoon with a very warm and kind portrayal of the characters. Apparently this is the style of Director Natalia Golovanova.

Non-trivial approach to a classic plot, making a cartoon is truly outstanding.

Bear are not evil and not even harmful, and the kind and sincere character, which is also on Jack of all trades (cook, however).

It is very lonely. Here Mary and he kept for himself only for the company and even willing to be her grandfather

Masha is also well done. Loves grandma and grandpa, but also bear her pity. In the final, she did very generously.

Individual enthusiasm is voice acting the main characters, giving the main characters besides the charming images and touching characters.

Without a doubt

10 out of 10

New review: the Girl and the Bear 30.07.2016

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