New review: the Girl with the dragon tattoo 17.06.2017

The world would become even more of an injustice, pass by Fincher Stieg Larsson’s bestseller. Multi-page the history of women’s hatred of intolerant men were ideally suited to the heir of a perfectionist extreme Jean-Pierre Melville. As French master detective Dumas, David instinctively feels sticky pointlessness of life routine. In contrast to the somnambulistic existence, subject to a deadly race with a monstrous opponent for a little prize and vague prospects. Placed in an event – thing that with the same fascination may be the crime of the century and the investigation of forty excerpts subordinates involved performers. Removes hidden fears, chronic complexes and, as an apotheosis, confronts with a foul reality, from which the feet of the fugitives themselves carry. “It’s crazy, freakin ‘insane” — nearly Derya hair, spat exclaims the journalist, seized upon the chance to take a revenge from the offender in court and cynical circumstances. Mikael Blomkvist does not know what a perversely attractive form is capable of accepting insanity, and what secrets are anorexic hostess will give impaled the dragon.

In a reasonably enclosed from the questionable trends of the microcosm Fincher raised Swedish detective issues had previously been successfully tested. “Girl” is logically develops visionary moves, “Seven”, “Fight club” and “Zodiac”, extolling the unconditional supremacy of style. A native of Colorado once again challenge the soulless system of values in which a series of murders can be considered a matter of pride. For directing the traditions with justification there is no problem: they will provide if not Dante, Leviticus, and watch American maniacs already preparing to intrude Scandinavian. The ordeal of the characters forced to confront evil at ease lying, attract attention to motivation and to the nature of creation. For Fincher in order to unravel a terrible combination, fixed protocols, we have indecisive reporter Mikael Blomkvist and a mad hacker Lisbeth. Apart from them, and no one — in the heavily oiled unit establishment act anti-game laws Langa, Houston and Preminger. About decency, but remember on my deathbed — if I’m lucky. Another thing — the excitement of the investigation. It is interesting to both parties, and thanks to the flawless frame gender differences are erased with the same ease with which different actions are interpreted.

Obsession of the Director to enticing mimicry shooting was not created in a vacuum. Without regard to the previous adaptation Fincher meticulously follows the text of Larsson, but the accents themselves. Only his merit is so successful reshuffle of responsibilities between the leader-a man and by a woman. Moving the movie on the parallel roads of destiny Blomkvist and Lisbeth meet in a time when everyone is ready to uncover a soul partner. David without naprashivaetsa enrichment, preferring to develop relations in line with the fatal romanticism. Revealing a sex scene in which the hero Craig awaits the position of the slave. Failure to resist stresses the need to adopt other people’s rules if own have proven ineffective. After this turn I can not be of an applied nature that is not affected and with gusto presented to the climax. As in the previous films, Fincher plays with the confidence of the owner of the casino. The lust of risk, pleasure from someone else’s jitters and the peak of passion fueling their own merits, and the psychology of a victim is close to criminal, especially when becoming aware of a difficult childhood and the Nazi ideals. All are sinful and foolish, and after you submit great things, inevitably a sense of loss.

“The girl with the dragon tattoo” from the “Zodiac” and most neo-Noir distinguishes bitter aftertaste completeness of ideas. Forced to delve into the psychology of the characters and to experience their ongoing reflection, the Director does not flirt. On the contrary, the exemplary installation helps you take the film a logical story, which gives the opportunity to assign all those responsible. Quite a long movie surprisingly dynamic look, and the famous generously suspense is designated with the recognition of an old customer about the unattractive qualities of his family and ends with the final credits. This painting is marked by a fixation on atmospheric delights, and oppressive in psychology and does render unkind service. Strict Swedish charm combined with the black and gray morality does not hide the slightly alien transformation Lisbeth from wild Panthers in a domesticated tiger. Of course, Fincher only followed the original, but the ending is associated with a paragraph is not announced at successfully commissioned the report.

With all the arrogance dragon remains a mythical creature. On his logic and gifted Director can have only a rough idea. However, thanks to the brilliant inclusion of Rooney Mara in a complex, Gothic way, willing to admit for her right to any inconsistency. The joint works of a fanatical neophyte to directing and capable young Actresses hacker nickname Wasp found a thin metaphorical sense. The steel tip pierces it’s body sinking in the mire of predictability of society and blatantly challenged him. With the obvious desire to extract from its bowels the most precious prey brings the girl with the dragon tattoo to the more traditional female character, and this is its main tragedy. Genius-level intellect, too, is subject to the laws, and they are installed from the outside. If it is destined to be one day destroyed, then without returning at the helm of David Fincher to do hardly succeed.

New review: the Girl with the dragon tattoo 17.06.2017

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