New review: the Girl with the dragon tattoo 29.07.2016

“The girl with the dragon tattoo is a masterpiece of film Noir from David Fincher, known for the famous “Fight club”, “Mysterious history of Benjamin Button” and “the Social network”. Unlike the above films, in “the Girl…” Fincher begins the line of the ideas of sexism, continue and reveal them later in the film “Disappeared”. The film was released late, on 1 January, during new year celebrations, which greatly worsened the fees and provided the movie’s failure at the box office, despite the luxurious reviews from critics.

The film is based on the acclaimed detective Swedish journalist Stieg Larson and is a remake of earlier Swedish film adaptation of this book about a young hacker and seedy journalist, who face, trying to investigate the mysterious murder forty years ago. The picture story is finished, as if the Director was not originally planned to shoot a sequel, as the end reveals some of the highlights are in store for the denouement as much as a third part.

Separately should be noted the main feature of the film is its Noir atmosphere that permeates the entire film mostly because of the stunning music of Trent Reznor, which from the first seconds of the film immerses you in this oppressive atmosphere of darkness, despair, depression, secrecy. All this happens starting from the stunning music, introductory titles, ending with the music that closes the film. Used the sound track is so perfect that the film some moments of excitement only because of it, and the track used in the climax of the film, it would seem that the most sinister the stage, and generally completely unsettling.

The plot of the film is close to brilliant, so good and concise plot development must also look for modern cinema. A detective element, as described in the original book, not quite standard in terms of plot, absolutely no formulaic elements that made the original work. Very good shows the painstaking process of gathering information, when digging literally tons of information to get a fraction you are interested in the material.

The girl with the dragon tattoo from David Fincher is undeniably one of the best films of its genre.

10 out of 10

New review: the Girl with the dragon tattoo 29.07.2016

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