New review: the Golden antelope 28.07.2016

Of course the most interesting character — Raja. Yes it is negative, but not without charm. It has many faces, but evil has many faces. He is very ambiguous, unlike the servants in a pink turban, for example.

This is definitely cowardly, ungrateful, pathetic and insignificant. It even monkeys threw coconuts.

Of course, the main character is a boy, but he and many positive characters are somewhat boring.

Here Raja is another matter. Closer to the final it really becomes trivial in the pursuit of gold, but at the beginning of the cartoon is something. It is not gold he had. He laments that he’s literally ancient anguish due to the fact that the neighbor’s Raja, there is something magical, and he doesn’t. It indulges spectacles that are not pleasing to him, well, just like the character Eddie Murphy Michael Jackson video “Remember the time”. Is an American music video seen the Soviet cartoon?

Besides Raja and has a very sarcastic sense, that there is a proposal to the boy to him (i.e. Raj) is the father or the gift of the boy’s life, thus eloquently putting gold in your bosom (very funny moment).

But still he could not cope with the thirst for gold and everything ended as it should have.

Evil is punished. Good triumphs.

By the way the gold in the film, so anyone not got.

9 out of 10

New review: the Golden antelope 28.07.2016

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