New review: the Golden antelope 30.07.2016

The founders of the Soviet cartoon world produced so many great and wonderful cartoons. It is the pride of the USSR and gifts for the children at all times. I especially love that such Soviet cartoons. The child watched them with pleasure, and when on TV they are often repeated, still looked eagerly again and again. These cartoons are to me always seemed so kind, so sweet and touching.

Before our attention this cartoon. “The Golden antelope” as a child I watched many times, and confidently say that it is a masterpiece of animation. Drawn animation is incredibly beautiful, the atmosphere was wonderful, the story itself is interesting and instructive. The cartoon was great, and not to look at it, is really to lose a lot.

We see the story of one little boy. One day, he saved the life of one antelope, but as it turned out, she was not normal. This was the Golden antelope, and for saving an animal helps the young hero to escape from the evil and greedy Raja…

Remembering this cartoon, just my eyes and the final scene of the story. She was excellent and stuck with me for life. Of course, this movie has a moral for young viewers. These cartoons carry kindness, something nice. I always your kristinam recommended for viewing here are the gifts of Soviet animation. Even in this cartoon. It is relevant to this day and also beautiful.

The Soviet Union produced so pure and wonderful cartoons that over time they can be reviewed and revised. “The Golden antelope” — cartoon that is worthy of the attention of new generations of kids and their moms I highly recommend. Yes, and parents themselves will get pleasure from viewing, watching this cartoon together with their children. This cartoon, like good wine, it never gets old and only gets better looks with a certain nostalgia and a smile.

The Golden antelope” — the Soviet, adventure, fairy tale cartoon the distant 1954. This cartoon I love and appreciate most. It is exceptional and is a small masterpiece for all time, taking us into the world of carefree childhood. All good mood and pleasant viewing!

New review: the Golden antelope 30.07.2016

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