New review: the Groom 30.07.2017

The film raises a number of problems:

– the succession of generations (mother — daughter (girlfriend) “from osinki will not be born of oranges”, “Taxidermy” Palffy)

– total omnipotence of the oligarchy plus the problem of what to spend the money (“Leviathan”, a Day of Victory for puncture decorating call girls in uniforms)

The German Victory Day appears before us “liberator” — is ready to give the lady a simple behavior the opportunity to live in a civilized country — traditional set — building, material possessions, the opportunity to the brood to move to a new level of existence (education, career, etc.), but no genes make themselves known (need to make the effort to learn, to get used to a new way of life, work on yourself) — and deushki selects “native” worthless gentleman (the ability to gain pleasure solely from instinctive needs (the bottom level of Maslow) — Baba do not want to work, no goals in life, etc.) — the purpose of the campaign in brood not to educate children, to try and get offspring for the next level of development, or at least give them a chance, and just dangling legs on the neck of someone to perform the inherent nature program at the level of “give birth.”

New review: the Groom 30.07.2017

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