New review: the high life 27.07.2016

Never before did not write reviews, but this film inspired me to share my feelings and emotions. Being a lover of films in the style of a Thriller, and a detective, did not expect that romance can bring me unprecedented ease and true fun in this hot day.

Start with the story:

Amazing simplicity, and perhaps even predictability makes this film ideal for a warm summer evening. The story is simple, but gives scope for subtle conversations that are permanently haunting. That there is at least one phrase “life is a Comedy, written by writer-sadist”!


Know all the actors playing the main roles, and watched them more than one film. Can’t say what I was expecting from them something incredible, but I knew that the bar will keep. But Jesse Eisenberg was surprised and just made it. The timid fawn, stuttering when talking to girls and famous people, over time, become arrogant, but fortunately not lost its charm, secular person. Jesse did an amazing job with the role.

Also my attention was attracted by the actress Jenny Berlin, playing a Jew, but which always reminded me of the Italians. Never seen her movies, but then she charmed me and really made laugh.

Was surprised that I was able to know Tony Sirico, cried almost the whole room: “Oh my God, that’s Paulie from the Sopranos!

The result:

Had a wonderful romance, with dialogue, which affects its ease and exact expressions, which in life always looking for and not always find. It will brighten up any evening, will give you some inspiration and will not get bored.


8 out of 10

New review: the high life 27.07.2016

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