New review: the high life 29.07.2016

Here it is summer, the Maestro of the cinema of Mr. woody Allen delights the audience with his paintings, which sometimes become real gems that slip into the pipeline well-oiled Hollywood machine. Movies Allen distinguishes superbly written script, expressive acting, and, of course, the special atmosphere of realism and comic events, which expertly blended with a touch of irony. But precisely for that we love these pictures, isn’t it?

The new “untitled project” Allen set in the America of the 30s. This is the era of Jay Gatsby and John Dellinger and before our eyes appear all – from the lush Hollywood party to shootouts on the outskirts of new York. Against this background, the spectator of a love story, a kind of love triangle, which is the subject of this tape. Dramatic in its essence, the story in “social life” is served in an easy, relaxed style that is so characteristic of most of the films of woody Allen.

About the cast to say there is no need. Allen is renowned for the ability to find ideal candidates for roles in his films. “High life” was no exception. One pleasure was to watch another Duo Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Steve Carrel added another interesting role in her acting kitty. Also the rest of the cast, the troupe did a good job.

Not to say that many critics accuse Allen in samopovtor and secondary scenarios. Truth in these allegations do have, because most of the scenes directed are built around a reinterpretation of the classics (Crime and punishment” was modified in a whopping three films), or tell us about eternal themes such as love and friendship. However, in my opinion, every year his movies only add to the quality without losing its charm and relevance. So watch out for them and interesting.

Thus, the “high life” is a breath of fresh air dilution hot summer season of big-budget blockbusters. This tape is about the fate of people and their incredible texture, this was a film about life itself, is meaningless-comical in nature. After all, as the protagonist says:

Life is a Comedy, written by writer-sadist”

9 out of 10

New review: the high life 29.07.2016

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