New review: the hot rod 04.10.2017

Formed in the school of musical Comedy trio “The Lonely Island”, consisting of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, has long toured various television shows, even being able to gain a foothold in the primetime program “Saturday Night Live”, has broken numerous records and going to live back as far as 1975, becoming the darling of the American audience. And in 2007, a posse of “The Lonely Island” dare to risk to shoot your own feature film. Of course, Samberg companions were not the pioneers of such an act, you can remember other guys from “Saturday Night Live”, for example, will Ferrell and Ben Stiller who have successfully assimilated into the fabric of the Hollywood Comedy movie, but somehow in the success of “The Lonely Island” found it difficult to believe, although he wished the guys a lot.

It is easy to guess that the debut cinematic project we have called “Scorcher”, filmed at the Comedy channel. In the story from pam Brady the main character is a man Rod Kimble (the role went to Andy Samberg, is considered the most talented in litsedeyskie art trio friends of friends). This guy wants the glory of an outstanding stuntman. In courage he can not refuse, but professionalism kind of low, as talent, by the way. All of his stunts end in the best case, bruises and sprains, and on the Internet where his friend is always posting videos with the participation of the family, he became a laughing stock and almost nominal character, where name is Rod Kimble is associated with the daring and offensive to all Americans with the word “loser.” But Rod, in the spirit of some dramatic episodes, the intruder in his perfect dream world, I try to silence all detractors and force to be reckoned with. What do You think will it the main character?

Yes, the plot is not so many twists and turns, making the action be reversed, the dynamics is quite a moderate pace, a replica, and even fragments of the film “Scorcher” is easy to read and the picture sometimes drops all interest, but it was also “hot rod” one piece, thanks to which the painting would be recognized, and the trio “The Lonely Island” would have received not only American, but also international recognition. And this chip is connected directly with the stunts the main character. If their production would come from the Maestro Jackie Chan, then we would probably more funny picture. Even if the guys did tricks on a whim from an old “Pink Panther”, when Peter sellers arranged sparring with his servant, and it would be fun. But in the “Scorcher” these scenes, much survey again with chronic idiocy displayed in Jackass johnny Knoxville. However, in a couple of scenes were still second when a smile touched the corners of the lips, but it was rather because sorry for all the claims to stunt the crown kind of Kimble.

But not only the trio of Samberg-Shaffer-Taccone has invested efforts in the creation of a “Car”. In the ensemble cast got enough famous faces: sissy Spacek, Isla Fisher, Ian McShane, will Arnett and bill Hader. But they were a hostage personally written story, almost all of them were given a rather simple role that such experienced actors was not difficult to play. We can say that the time spent on shooting by their presence was required not so much. I will only mention, perhaps, the character Isla Fisher, and even then only for odeologically characteristics of the character, because it is hard to believe that this beautiful girl will pay attention to the “loser” from the Internet. But she believed in him, for her and thank you very much. As for the game itself, Andy Samberg, I confess, very positive words, he subjectively did not work. Such hapless characters on screen are a dime a dozen and have to work really hard to stand out from the chromosomal. Honestly, did not understand due to what, Samberg was trying to do.

Certainly fans of “Saturday Night Live” would have expected more from Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, but to declare themselves in full voice for young comedonica came out, and went pretty passable Comedy, where if I paid more attention to the stunt, it would be fun, but then a bunch of failed stunts you can look around on the Internet and without a “Scorcher”.

5 out of 10

New review: the hot rod 04.10.2017

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