New review: the house on willow street 25.09.2017

In his first film, Alastair Orr did a good job on the script, but bad — on its implementation. In the second failed both. In the third (and last) implementation partially looked almost cool, but now the scenario has happened feverish heat, completely ruined a promising idea.

Yes, individually some of the scenes can be watch with interest. The use of graphics benefit: what it should look creepy, looks creepy. Also impresses with dynamism of history: not including the scenes involving a short but almost dramatic suspense, the plot in General, unwinds without much sagged. Such tricks can quite enter in a pleasant stupor unprofessional audience, especially the feed tender feelings to the horror. A screeching halt this insidious and deceptive because “the house on willow street” — not the most praiseworthy horror.

I somehow feel that poor writers headed by Director wanted so badly to create something good and thrilling that is pretty overdone. It begins intriguingly: the kidnapping, the subsequent capture of the first signs of anxiety. You sit and wonder what’s next — a frightening horror Thriller or threat? It happens otherwise: these two genre collide with each other and offer the attention one thing after another, until it finally comes the climax of the unexpected twist, designed to leave the viewer with either a good attitude or nose. I admit to the element of surprise no questions: Agatha Christie does not stint on “like” for this item, appreciating pretentious uncovering the mysteries about which heroes know did not want to. Another thing is that mystery, in turn, reveal itself the story of a very controversial side and forever change the course of events.

Sebura wheels of terror serpentine script, the action gradually losing common control — which is kind of funny, but pointless. The main character in the heat of their own salvation begins to violently irritate, while evil forces strained working on a private mission, not knowing that their omnipotent energy is easy to beat with simple wit, fast feet and the needed items on hand. The denouement justifies the main waiting — waiting, the film finally ends and you can do other things.

Do not argue, we were reasonable, if not present high requirements. The problem lies in the inability of the Director to surprise the audience something that will stick in the memory for at least a day. Like a person tries, kind of makes the run as actors for each other, and their own brain cells to find the right solutions, but in the end it turns out kind of mess. Not the tasteless, for oatmeal or semolina from soluble sachets also seem to be edible. Rather, improperly prepared and therefore are fit only to satisfy appetite, precluding the obtaining of true joy.

4 out of 10

New review: the house on willow street 25.09.2017

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