New review: the Hut 26.09.2017

From the book by W. P. young’s “the Shack” refused 26 publishers. The twenty-seventh released through the author’s modest circulation, which were mostly given away to friends and acquaintances… But a year later, contrary to the predictions of “experts” and almost no ads, total circulation of “Hut” reached 5 million copies.

Book by William Paul young has left an indelible mark in my mind. Wrote these words with the understanding that they do not reflect and share the values of this book. I was past 50, and it was a very difficult period in my life. The period when my personal attitude changed from love and pity to condemnation, accusations and contempt. For me, the book became a kind of conduit to God, to ourselves, to the people. Many times returned to it to read the right places, dialogues, phrases, as simply and clearly explain difficult to understand ordinary human things. I cried reading it. I described the book to his mother, only to her…

What books are great and why? Those sold millions of copies, bestsellers? The book is Bulgakov’s the Master had not read it, but reading the novel “the Master and Margarita”, for some reason I, without thinking, instinctively “feel” the greatness of the books of the Master. The Bible is the most published book, at least the current human civilization, but most people do not even think of buying it.

The film was disappointing. Perhaps, it is quite predictable in such cases the effect. With great books, as always: their adaptation or stage performance is always risky not to “hang on” to the level of the source. Because the movie or show is always a very personal interpretation of the book by their creators, first and foremost, a Director. Because of the success of the film is not enough only to plot and text. Sometimes even the audiobook may have more success.

The film is without drama. A very simple and naive. Besides, a lot of this film is lost in the dubbing into Russian language. I would have forced the actors to read the original sources…

And the book is very deep. The book you need to read the book from the category of must have. Hope nth may 27th its film adaptation will be as successful as the book itself.

And still I recommend to watch the film. It is unlikely that you will want to read after this book (alas, it is psychologically impossible). But my assessment of the film caused by the high expectations reading the book “the Shack. A conversation with God.” I’m sure many will find it appealing is itself a surprise to movie interpretations of the image of the triune Lord. Well, and the dialogue is Poppy with the multifaceted God will not leave indifferent the thoughtful viewer. After this film, you just camp, and just better.

5 out of 10

New review: the Hut 26.09.2017

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