New review: the Idlers of the fertile valley 15.06.2017

A very unusual movie. It’s both funny and sad. A woman copes with the burden of four, all scored men, and even carry them on his back to lay on the bed. You can think of the “Big grub” and “Big brew”, with the same unusual story.

The similarity of all these films is that the action is closed from prying eyes and not be imposed outside the home. Is own “sweet” life, where you do not need to climb. Oh, and don’t get this done. Is sealing life, and people all the same decided to finish with her game-way. But life doesn’t have jokes, it does not forgive. And it all ends with death.

Greek Director decided to deal with it in their own way. And it’s a miracle he managed it.

Unlike gourmets, the French or the Italians, with their exaltation, this movie cold, as the Greek morning. Gorgeous female actress, men look on her background living dead. Maybe it wanted to tell the Director movie-hold on women, otherwise you will not survive.

But, for a man independent, as he appears to be. Who can argue?

And the movie’s true that without women, man is like a spider without legs. But if the woman wants to, she pricelet this man-spider with a pin to the wall.

Sigh, will look for another. Don’t get caught!

7 out of 10

New review: the Idlers of the fertile valley 15.06.2017

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