New review: the Intern 27.07.2016

When I first read about the film, looked at the heroes, expected that will replenish the Treasury of films that you can relax with a Cup of tea, well… in principle it will be possible, sometimes.

The cast is great, actually the movie is very good, lively and looks very easy.

Here you will not see vulgar scenes, coarse words (although if you find fault, not without this — apparently modern writers mistakenly believe that without allosexual scenes people will miss), this film look nice, even in spite of its disadvantages it keeps the spirit until the end.

You like to look at modernity through the eyes of experience, independent women, men, Housewives, infantile boys etc..

But somehow the writer didn’t want the story to develop. In fact we just see the two people together, but neither one of them are not open to something new, you do not understand something true about yourself. The impression that the film was coming to an end, and not to spend money on interchange we put before the fact — has become like so and so. Because all of these babbling husband in office wife looks quite crude lies to us. Well, if the family problems that may not be the only one to blame, and we ourselves along with you see the problems of this family, understand why — and suddenly at the end we say “OK, baby, everything will be in your — I was wrong, everything is going your way” — that is, in fact, I’ll shove my feelings far away. And it is the relationship between two people?

There is no development, not to solve the problem — and only in this I see a serious flaw of this film, its ending is useless, she did nothing — all podvisli in the air.

But you will be pleased to see this movie, because he is good.

New review: the Intern 27.07.2016

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