New review: the Investigation is conducted… 20.06.2017

As we told until now about the Soviet Union, our ancestors, who lived in those times: how then was well, what life was. But the fact remains that crime has always been, even in those “wonderful” Soviet times. And there are people who have managed very original and lively way to immerse us in these difficult but at the same time friendly times. Is Leonid Kanevsky.

It turned out to be just the perfect host and “party” scenes set in different realities of the time: whether it’s the intense stage of preparation of a crime or whether it is a digression describing the life and the lives of our grandparents. And I must say that it was thanks to Kanevskomu each 40-minute release does not extend (as in many similar programs), like a tight rubber, and flies in one breath. His remarks, ironic jokes, dramatizations, stories, serious statements and comments help the transfer not to be a boring documentary film, and to be “a rich film” with small patches of archival documents and video.

The soundtrack matched perfectly. Each tune is made “on the conscience” and conveys the mood of what is happening.

About crime , and nothing to tell (Kanevsky will do it for me… kidding) — they are quite interesting and complicated, and with the filing of Leonid — and even exciting.

Look, look and look again, and reconsider. And Kanevskomu low bow and an Oscar for “best show on TV”.

10 out of 10

New review: the Investigation is conducted… 20.06.2017

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