New review: the Judge 22.06.2017

There are films that make us laugh, are sad, and there are those that force us to think. This film is no exception.

The Director of the film David Dobkin, very remoteplay figure. Took a beautiful sentimental, but witty drama. A courtroom drama that shows us the hackneyed theme of fathers and children from a new angle. The picture is quite a long duration 142 min. But I looked on one breath. All through the story, which plunges us into meditation, great dialogues I did not bother. The film lurks even jokes that naturally plus. I like how artfully filmed, like everything is so not just in the relationship of father and son, and someone has to compromise. The die-hard father is annoying, it boosts the cynicism of the son. But in General, the relationship between father and son unfolded in the courtroom. Where we can specifically see how he got that way (I’m talking about the father). There are passions, so the tape is not fully tightened. Well, okay, on this topic you can talk for a long time.

The film takes with reality, here’s her life really. Difficult. Shot high quality, the picture looks very easily. The transition of light and contact with emotions are made on a solid 5. Another plus in the Treasury of the operator.

In terms of acting cons have found, gave everything to the fullest. Especially caught blowing Downey and Duvall. The impression was that the actors live their roles. Everything is so perfectly fused! Robert Downey Jr. honestly, I’ve never been impressed by his work, the same iron man in his eyes. A pompous ass, cynical, successful lawyer. But this is only the beginning of the film, then deeper. Reveals his acting with every step in the script. And here we already see profound feelings, resentment, any son wants to hear from his father: I’m proud of you, son! Does he not deserve? (this is a rhetorical question). I was pleased to see such a downy, as for me SUCH as his are much more! (Rather than this dry, primitive Iron man).

Robert Duvall, caused only admiration! Played man with a steel character, emotions overflowed. A fully opened character. Commendable! With regards to his on-screen hero have no complaints, except that the nature of the character. No matter what your son (the Best on the course!), you had to tell him: I am proud! (not only think). Words about the best lawyer in the end of the film… this is not enough for my son. Though little has satisfied the depth of the resentment. But if you watch the demeanour of the character for the whole tape, and those words for him was a lot! A very challenging role of judge Joseph Palmer, who proves that the actor Duvall, an Actor with a capital letter.

The composition generally can not but rejoice in the tape, Vera Farmiga, Vincent D’onofrio, Billy Bob Thornton, DAX Shepard, Leighton Meester. Here, each rendered in a special manner of behavior of the character and specifics.

Vera Farmiga played the role once left the beloved Hank. There is intrigue in the relationship, it sets off the film. “I will never leave Carlinville, I like it here, and you’re a simple guy from Indiana who will do anything just to prove that he is not here.” Proves once again the heroine herself that he can’t change (although it is there). It was a pleasure to look at such relationships with these plot twists, the ribbon takes on a special charm.

Billy Bob Thornton plays the prosecution. I can’t not to mention his role and the occasional, but profound. Dwight Dickham first expresses sarcasm and irony towards Hank. But at the end of the storyline becomes clear that he’s sorry. This is the juice.

The picture came out the sentimental (of course, this is drama). I just shed a tear. Definitely one of the best drama tapes that I saw.

10 out of 10

New review: the Judge 22.06.2017

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