New review: the Jungle 15.12.2017

Who though time in life did not want to go on an adventure, which is so exciting writing in the books, which colorful, and the headlines are full of tourist sites. But, usually, it comes down only to a maximum of a two week trip to leave already trampled tourist trail. Some even manage all this time to spend in the hotel with “all inclusive” service, preferring instead sightseeing to bask for hours on the beach or in the bar. But then, back home, they think that they fully understood the culture of another country and consider themselves experts in this field. So what distinguishes a tourist from a traveller?

Yossi Ginsberg with knowledge can answer us on this issue. A burning desire to explore and learn about a new world, of which he had read in books that led him on the path leading to one of the most dangerous places on earth — the jungle. This, to the end of the unknown, wilderness luring adventurers into their network, and not all releases back. But, it is hard to understand for a novice traveler, enthusiastic to see the unseen miracle. This Yossi has graciously agreed to help new friend Carl Ruprechter, promising him the thrill novosobirskoy expedition through the jungle of Bolivia. They are joined by Markus Stamm, a teacher from Switzerland and an American photographer Kevin Gail. Thus began their journey formed the basis of the novel “the Jungle: the incredible true story of survival” and then successfully migrated to the big screen.

This film is an example of what people have to face in the wild. He shot in artistic and documentary style, why do everything seem real. The Thriller genre is justified in the fight against the forces of nature, not with fictional characters. So, to roam the jungle are sent to Yossi with your friends, but all the audience. Along the way, you begin to realize that your former ideas about the adventures of a not quite correspond to the reality. Bright prospects to spend time in an unfamiliar place, making exclusive photos of friendly animals and extraordinary places at once disappear. Not many I imagine, than actually have to face in a foreign country, especially where no foot of man.

Some of the shots caused a feeling of disgust. But since it was the place to be, so in real life it was much worse. In such difficult moments the man begins to understand himself, to understand who he is and what is capable. Isn’t that the point of such tests that expose themselves to these travelers? They not only learn about the world and become themselves. After experiencing some stress go to charity, creating organizations to help local residents, or fight for the last remaining unique plots of land, saving them from complete destruction.

In fact, the film pushes on different thoughts. First — are you ready for this? The heroes of this story in his example, give us to understand that without moral and physical training in places far from civilization, nothing to do. The enthusiasm would not last long, can not even try. Second — are you sure that you behave correctly in an emergency situation? You will remain a human to the end or surrender to circumstances is a very difficult choice. In this respect, Kevin is a role model. “- But if you die looking for him? — Then I’ll die.” That says it all. Third — are you ready to survive at any cost? Only the toughest can endure what fell to their share. For example, such as Yossi is a rarity. In a moment of desperation to believe in miracles and thank God for the little that you have… What can I say? Can only admire the fortitude of this man.

Two hours of screen time spent in the company of Daniel Radcliffe, Alex Russell, Joel Jackson and Thomas Krechman, are not in vain. Thomas, by the way, a lover of negative roles. And they really are. A charming rascal adds intrigue to the adventure. Alex and Joel plausible convey their emotions, and attitude toward them. As Daniel slowly began to move away from its “magic” of the image. It is felt that he is trying very hard to get used to the role. This time it is perfectly possible. No Association with third-party characters does not arise. And let the outside does not look like he — Yossi Ginsberg. This is his story, his life and his difficulties. We are seeing a whole range of emotions, which gives us to understand what it feels to be left with nature alone.

The film, besides the actors, there are a lot of advantages. He keeps the tension. From beginning to end the story keep up the speed, thus the interest is not quenched, and the attention focuses on pointless dialogues and the left topics. Besides, a cheerful music accompanies us throughout, setting the rhythm of adventure. Not the last role is played by the scenery. The wild is shown. A little added local flavor Bolivia: villages, Spanish speech — the plot of land next to the majestic nature. From all this remains the only positive impression. No flaws, even if someone considered not spoil the mood during and after viewing. So, Greg McLean did the right thing.

A tourist, as soon as somewhere comes immediately begins to want back. And the traveler… He may not make it back. © Paul Bowles. The sheltering sky.

10 out of 10

New review: the Jungle 15.12.2017

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