New review: the Kidnappers of paintings 16.06.2017

How many films was directed by Brian Gores, all of them failed and are highly questionable. Why?! This American Director makes a dull, second-rate movie in a big account or who don’t need to.

To our attention one of the most famous works of this Director crime Thriller called “the Kidnappers of paintings“. This movie is in the list of ordinary and disposable films, not seeing that, You will lose.

We see the story of art critic Sandra. In Barcelona stolen a number of priceless paintings, with which he has worked with all Sandra. Suspicion falls on the woman, and the heroine realizes that the need to investigate. She asks for help from ex-husband (American COP), and the heroes realize that they are dealing with the mafia and a lot of money. Now at stake is not only the reputation of the critic Sandra, but also her life…

The plot of the movie is banal, and the movie goes in a very simple chronology. There was nothing unexpected or interesting. It looked all dull, sometimes palisano. Movie resembled a second-rate, American something, while such films in the West, stamp packs every day. It seems that the shooting took place in Spain, and was supposed to look all cool, but criminal film not inspiring, and stuffs something sluggish and not at all interesting.

The Russian mafia (as often happens in American films of this nature) is very implausible and simulated. All looked “like a movie”, but nothing amazing here.

Starring Ellen Pompeo and William Baldwin. As for the future stars of “grey’s Anatomy“, this time she was an unknown actress and did not know a huge global fame that it will fall after medical cult series. In this movie, it was nice to see this actress, because work in film she is very, very little, but Pompeo doesn’t save the film from tarnish. Brother Alec Baldwin was lit in the main male role. The actor was popular in the 90s, now he is forgotten.

The kidnappers of paintings“American crime Thriller with a touch of Thriller 2004. The movie was supposed to be an ambitious and promising, but it turned out mediocre and low strap. Bitter, dull, not impressed. I did not like it.

New review: the Kidnappers of paintings 16.06.2017

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