New review: the king of the underworld 05.10.2017

And every crook will get what they deserve…

Class! What a funky film. How I look its always in utter delight. Filmed in the best traditions of Indian cinema. There’s action, Comedy, and Thriller and drama, so many genres collected, just incredible. Super!

And what a cast, just downloaded. So many stars in one movie. My favorite Mithun Chakraborty in a dual role of father and son, simply inimitable. I can’t tell you how good it is. His constant on-screen partner of those years , Pancholi Adityaso handsome here, just take eye. His role of Sonny, a friend of Suraj the best of his roles, positive roles he is particularly good. Very pleased and Shakti Kapoor, too, in positive roles, what he was here a young, beautiful and gorgeous, not just words. Love it, always inimitable.

But in the role of villains, as always amazing Paresh Raval (corrupt lawyer, what a little bastard) and the incredible Danny Denzongpa (the main villain of the film). Love them both, especially Danny, with his incredible talent, his charisma, his irresistibility, charm and bearing. Mmmm, he is gorgeous man-just a dream. Always admire his performances, his talent is limitless. The truth is always the role of inveterate villains takes, but is so reliably and efficiently that it’s impossible not to notice its perfection in the work. Done it. Love him, amazing actor.

And incredible music is simply mesmerizing and keeps in suspense until the end of the film. Composer Anu Malik is a true genius. Music written, always flawless and sounds in many films of those years. And what songs and dances, and wants to dance, so catchy and a very gentle and lyrical. Amazing.

In General, I am in complete awe of the film (again) and if you’re a fan of old classic Indian movie, you will like definitely. A lot of positive emotions and positive emotions are guaranteed!

10 out of 10

New review: the king of the underworld 05.10.2017

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