New review: the Last face 22.06.2017

It is always nice when people with the name gathers some more people with equally amazing names and making custom movie. With these names the movie will see a much greater number of people. Only here, starting out very fresh and enthusiastic, Mr. Penn still slipped to the banal love story. Whether the scenario is not enough force to make the masses topics of the day, or again commercial of the movie attracted more viewers, but the film that raised the horror of being on the topic of the day, were turned into melodrama with nudity.

Great camera work strongly pulls the film in the direction of positive ratings, because it is nice to watch not just for the beautiful Bardem and Theron, but on the whole picture. With regards to the film stars, Javier looks quite convincing in the role of a dedicated doctor. While Charlize didn’t surprise me and was as ever calm, smooth and neutral.

Overall, the movie was beautiful, though sometimes very cruel. What’s it about!? About love!? Rather Yes, than no. About war and violence!? Rather no than Yes. About the relationship!? Yes. About duty, honor and sacrifice!? Yes. In the end, we get a very rich thinking of the movie that it is possible to see laying before that, the special expectations and claims.

6 out of 10

New review: the Last face 22.06.2017

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