New review: the Law of the night 07.06.2017

Ben Affleck actor a high level and possessing a certain charisma. Although many openly dislike it. To a much greater extent, his talent, he revealed how the Director and screenwriter. The films he shot have received high marks from both film critics and ordinary viewers. But “Argo” won the Oscar for best film of the year. Expectations from his fourth feature film, was very large. But did he?

This picture based on the novel “Night is my house” by American writer Dennis Lehane, which is one of the most popular authors of crime novels. Ben Affleck is trying to create a serious gangster drama, which raises a number of complex topics. But thus filling up the tape with too many storylines. But the problems addressed are very diverse: racism, religious intolerance, ethics and crime of the prohibition era. Not all unfortunately failed to realize.

The main disadvantages of tape should be considered standard for this kind of films cliché. Despite the duration of 2 hours, there is irregularity and haste in the narrative. There is a feeling that Director Ben Affleck is trying to hold in his film too many events. During the preview seem extra.

While the film is a lot of pluses. He is bright, stylish and with excellent action scenes. Very memorable chase scene on vintage cars and the great set fire. It is worth noting the stunning cinematography of Robert Richardson. Beautifully recreated the atmosphere of America 1920 — 1930-ies of the last century. Tape fully immerses the viewer in the era of that time. Artists costume and set designer tried to glory. All done gracefully and tastefully.

Ben Affleck in General produces a good impression as the lead actor. The image for it came out not the best. But you can see how he tries and tries to reliably play all of the emotions and experiences of his hero. The background came out much more spectacular. In the film involved a great cast: Brendan Gleeson, Chris Cooper, Sienna Miller and Zoe Saldana. Each of which gave a decent and convincing game.

The law of night is visually very beautiful, dynamic and atmospheric gangster drama. With a luxurious cast, great works of decorators and operator. Yes it has many flaws and is definitely the weakest work of Ben Affleck as a Director. But if you don’t want from a movie too much, the viewing experience will remain positive.

6 out of 10

New review: the Law of the night 07.06.2017

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