New review: the LEGO Movie: Batman 27.06.2017

After a few years ago to hire excellent performance showed “LEGO: the Film” the producers decided that it was necessary to build on this success and make a film about Batman, which was a supporting character first plastic cartoon. The calculation of the producers turned out to be true, as the audience have for the Dark knight of Gotham city’s longtime passion, and he in fact never went out of fashion. For the filming of a personalized cartoon of Batman was also used the technology of time-lapse motion, which allowed us to use the real plastic parts with minimal use of computer graphics.

The plot of the cartoon tells us about how Batman has to once again enter into a confrontation with the Joker, only this time it’s not as easy as it might seem. Tricky the clown has conceived a complex plan that defies logical analysis. So Batman will have to connect all of its available assets in order to ferret out the true intentions of the old foe. But not only technological gadgets have to operate the protector of Gotham. Now he will have to do the impossible and to rely on your comrades, who, fortunately, he’s still missing despite a nasty character.

Cartoon of Batman turned out well. Great sense of humor combined with a good plot, and technological aspects of reconstruction, plastic, of peace will awaken in all of us your personal child. Sometimes of course the story is a bit slack, and the humour is not always successful, but if you evaluate this story in General, it is the perfect occasion to how to have fun in the company of loved ones.

Think “LEGO Movie: Batman” will be of your liking. At least you will not waste time in vain, but it will be fun. But sometimes it is vital. So step on the gas and go along with Batman chasing the Joker and his minions!

8 out of 10

New review: the LEGO Movie: Batman 27.06.2017

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