New review: the Life of Jane Austen 27.07.2017

Kinematografistka Robin Swicord is very well established as a writer: her shoulders were such notable films as “Little women” (1994), “Matilda” (1996), “Practical magic” (1998) and “memoirs of a geisha” (2005), before Swicord first tried as a Director (which is quite common in film, when the writers then become more and Directors, however, is not always a good writer becoming a good Director, but that’s another story). For a debut Swicord chose the novel by Karen joy Fowler “a Book club of Jane Austen” (“The Jane Austen Book Club”, by the way, the original title of the film coincides with the literary source, and we have a tape called “Life of Jane Austen”).

The story of the film is that six people, five women and one man, coming together for six months to discuss another novel by the famous English writer Jane Austen, the novels which long ago became the classics of world literature. By a strange coincidence, each new novel inevitably recalls the history of this or that participant of the book club. But the main thing in this case that the work of writer helps each of them find themselves, to feel inner enrichment and then to make the right conclusion to make the right move in life. Perhaps that book Karen joy Fowler and the movie Robin Swicord commendable bow great writer, the founder of the genre of women’s romance.

And now I can’t say with confidence that the debut of Robin Swicord turned out well, after all the lack of directorial experience was evident. As in the book, Scarwid tried to split the action into six separate chapters devoted to each of the personalities, but somehow accentuated it failed to do, yet all the action is mixed together and sometimes distracted from close surveillance for the next heroine (or hero) of the narrative. But in any case, Scarwid was a good and kind picture, which gives reason to think that everyone in life will have a chance, but we must try not to miss it, but before this chance again we must be prepared to do everything correctly. In General, this basic promise is particularly acute in “the life of Jane Austen”.

Got Scared good and versatile ensemble cast. I must say that most of all I liked the story with the characters from Maria Bello and Hugh Dancy. To them that’s downright felt a genuine touch, and their experiences were so expressive that they don’t believe a word of their conversation flowed as if from the soul. That is to say that Bello and Dancy missed through his characters. The second most notable and memorable storyline was the dramatic story of the heroine of Emily blunt, suddenly feel a sexual attraction to his student (handsome Kevin Zegers here). And here we must again bow to Jane Austen, which gave the heroine blunt the right advice. Nice fit young and daring (for good!) Maggie Grace. But the other characters and actors are left on the sidelines, unfortunately.

It is clear that “the Life of Jane Austen” is a film for the female audience, but if even among the heroes of the male component, that maybe men should look at this picture closer. If we read Jane Austen does not allow the male ego, the movie watched in secret, will give a bit of philosophical advice and make some things look if not differently, more closely? In General, a good painting and one-off it deserves.

7 out of 10

New review: the Life of Jane Austen 27.07.2017

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