New review: the Line of beauty 22.06.2017

What should be the ideal family? A faithful husband, a loving wife, an exemplary son, a dutiful daughter? Behind a spotless house, a successful career and a happy marriage? What secrets are hiding a family and what kind of skeletons hiding in the closet? Respect, understanding, support, Foundation relations, marriage and family? That behind the facade of false piety, false perfection and false nobility?

A lovely 3-hour mini-series based on the eponymous work of Alan Hollinghurst. Each series shows the period in the life of the main character for 4 years in Notting hill, the family home Vedenov: “The Love Chord 1983”, “To Whom Do You Beautifully Belong? 1986”, “The End of the Street 1987”.

Three series will tell us the tragedy of each character, revealing their secrets, showing their problems, discovering their true self. Some will succumb to their vices, and someone will fight. Some seek truth, others will drown in their lies. Someone will have to look for happiness, someone to trample on his own feet. Some will seek the truth, while others suffer from my softness. No negative or positive characters. There are just people with their own views on a particular situation. People who are trying to live. People who are trying to survive.

A delightful game with Dan Stevens, Tim Mcinnerny, Hayley Atwell, Alice Kraydzh, Alex Wyndham, Oliver Coleman, don Vest.

In the end I want to add that I loved the finale. When you’re confused and everything goes wrong — start from scratch, turn the page to see, start a new life. The past not return, it is not correct. The future is in your hands. Don’t be afraid of change. Do not fear the unknown. Without fear and without reproach, my friend. Forward. In spite of everything.

New review: the Line of beauty 22.06.2017

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