New review: the little Mermaid 2: return to the sea 04.10.2017

2 — for a fleeting opportunity to see new footage of their favorite characters. BUT! Even she was overshadowed by the crooked sketches in which the characters were not like himself.

Overall, the cartoon is a series of animated films and cartoons for degenerates like the series about the “Guardians” based on “the lion King”: the absence of vocal data of the characters, the lack of understanding of the importance of good music and of musical harmony, the absence of even a semblance of humor, the lack of a complete and vivid plot, the lack of logic in choosing the new characters, the lack of causal relationships when entering new characters, and more can not to disappoint the true fans of disney cartoons that had a lot to learn and admire!

And justify the above fact that cartoons of this level are focused now on a younger audience not stand up to scrutiny since I was 6 and my sister was even less, the first time we watched “Beauty and the beast” and was able to appreciate the splendor of the masterpiece so that it is still reviewing. “The little mermaid 2” I barely forced myself to watch until the end just to write this review! In my opinion, the cartoons of this level are a disgrace to the Disney name and turn a generation of kids who watch them, brainless dummy… And they need to glue a custom label: “CONTRAINDICATED for fans of classic disney tapes”!

2 out of 10

New review: the little Mermaid 2: return to the sea 04.10.2017

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