New review: the Lives of others 27.06.2017

I admit, the film made a big impression on me: despite the fact that the painting is imbued with anti-communism and because of his desire to follow the hackneyed cliches like the good old, such branchy cranberry. But the execution is really very good. Here, only afraid that the effect was directly the opposite of what was expected by the filmmakers.

Up to pretty naive in your narrow-minded pettiness, the main acting characters of the film, which like and ought to empathize with, appear before the audience in the guise of pathetic, petty people suffering from the inability to occupy themselves and full of some strange hatred of reality around them — from the movie does not follow what makes them feel that way? Time spend very well, conditions are more than comfortable, life is quite secure, work — do not beat lying, live and be happy! But no, creative nature lives for the sake of rebellion — not so much merciless, how senseless. And most importantly — almost all the characters did not care about the consequences of their actions: the sobbing of the family head, the accomplice of the traitor to the West — has jeopardized his wife and children, and for what? For the sake of a ridiculous consumer of illusions his friend about the alleged “freedom”? He knew the risks for him. But the writer, many years ago excommunicated from the scene for an attack against the government, suffers from the inability to realize themselves. What he lacked glory, recognition? Or an abstract desire to be considered a rebel?

Except that we already know what the outcome of the experiment “occurrence” of the GDR in the FRG all those luminaries of dissent, which represented the intellectual elite of the socialist society, the Communist oppressed dejected, suddenly disappeared on the market of the United Germany. Market they were not needed, and their “masterpieces” in the new conditions quickly lost relevance and turned out to be unclaimed. Here it is, the dustbin of history, that’s where the true road to suicide.

By the way, the difference here and then shown in the film is very clear: here is the same piece, but such a different story if at the beginning of the film we see the factory girls against the background of the pipeline, now — faceless and emotionless figures, surrounded by meaningless decorations. Or that is the fate of wandering lonely postman on the background of painted walls and clogged Windows. But we waited for luck to find his hero, so that now, when there is “freedom”, the recognition of his merits when he is alone rebelled against the whole system (though surreptitiously), will not keep you waiting!…. .. but no, he still carries letters, his life is as dull as it was. The book, “Sonata for a good man”, which is nothing to add and not subtract to its existence, apparently, is his latest joy. Would anyone watching the film to follow this example? personally, I very much doubt it.

PS by the Way, this is the rare case when the picture in the original loses much dubbing.

P. P. S. after Reading other negative reviews, I realized how I am not original in his attitude to the film: -)

New review: the Lives of others 27.06.2017

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