New review: the London spy 06.10.2017

James bond must die! Like all the rest of the staff of British intelligence! But at the same time — both American and Russian, and Chinese! And all the others — even fanatskoy! If there is one.

Why this bloodlust? Just came across an English miniseries 2015, the year “the London spy”.

Absolute dill. No Hollywood faces, no delicious food in the frame. But there are gay people (terrible dream Russian TV!), infernal (and this is nothing new) Charlotte Rampling and General English alone (which also, is not news).

It is strange that the authors have done without the fog — this business kinokarte Albion. Maybe because modern spy things don’t need to damp the mysterious veil?

Elegant drama about that country and people will do anything to protect their right to cheat each other. And permanent residence in a state of impending claustrophobia of the five hours of screen time.

Honestly, I am scared for the lives of Londoners. They are, though we are considered smug, but I will still feel sorry when get there own scouts and other spies.

Ben whishaw is not the first time receives a benefit role, but here personally to me it was interesting as an actor. The scene with medical practice, they worked out awesome. And I’m not the only one who noticed.

PI. si. I regret that the school was indifferent to mathematics and remember about Grigory Perelman

9 out of 10

New review: the London spy 06.10.2017

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