New review: the Lonely woman wants to meet 30.07.2017

The film is not new, and have watched it several times. It’s on the other eye saw it. I don’t know if is ripe, but the film broke out in me something straight all the way to selezenki.

I was struck by the game character Kupchenko and shows the conflict.

She is constantly under internal and external conflict.

Internal — the heroine is tired of being alone, but convinces himself and others that she is a strong woman, she doesn’t need anybody, and everything is fine. Only when this voice breaks into tears.

But when it comes to the candidate for salvation (Zbruev), she understands that it is not what she expects. And what does she expect? She herself did not understand now. Clash with reality when in her life comes a stranger. But it crushes and external opinion. And he partially gives in. These throwing shows very well, hard to believe 100%.

Then she breaks down and says that she needs care, not that she cared (the scene when the man came to her). But when it comes to his ex-wife, during this conversation, it changes everything. She wants to return the person. Something changed in her. Maybe she realized he is not that bargain? They came home and opened the door, as if inviting to him.

If at first the character is constantly on edge, tense as a spring, then after the climax it goes freely, as all decided for themselves.

A film with very strong dramatic conflict and very fine acting.

9 out of 10.

New review: the Lonely woman wants to meet 30.07.2017

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